The Passion Behind “Fight Like a Woman!”

As women…sometimes we must stand up and fight like a woman against the tough challenges we face…such as cancer or other serious illness, injury, loss, depression, anxiety, financial woes, divorce, or victimization. At other times in our life journey, we are able to fight like a woman for what we desire…such as becoming the best woman, wife, mother, friend, student, or career woman we can be. We are fighting forward to achieve our own goals or paying it forward by supporting our own loved ones or by reaching out to enCOURAGE others on a broader scale.

For me…almost losing my marriage and surviving cancer were major “bends in my path”! These daunting challenges, though difficult, turned out to be great gifts…for they opened my heart to the sweetest lessons and awakened my spirit to joyful new possibilities. Through reading, pondering, praying, and being still in nature, I was able to re-create myself and my life. Accepting the loving support of my friends and family was crucial to my growth and my positive outcomes, as well.

Now my wish is to inspire others with my affirmations and uplifting products. I hope they will strike a chord with you and yours…as you open to your own possibilities of living more fully in the present with gratitude, joy, and passion. May gifting yourself or someone in need provide some measure of enCOURAGEment for your journeys.

I wish you and yours courage, compassion, and love…as you embrace each challenge. May your spirit awaken to your own uniqueness and may your life be transformed in amazing ways!

Deb Ritter,
Inspirations Ink, LLC